5 calendars for the price of 4: The new 5-year subscription!


The new 5-year subscription for the CURVY BERLIN calendar is here:
You have been a fan and orderer of the CURVY BERLIN calendar for years, but would prefer to receive the calendar automatically every autumn and save money (33 euros)?
Then we recommend the 5-year subscription to the CURVY BERLIN calendar!

Your advantages:
1. you get 5 calendars delivered, but only pay for 4 – so only 132 instead of 165 euros and save a full 33 euros!

2. you never go empty-handed: Some CURVY BERLIN customers no longer receive a calendar if it is already sold out. This cannot happen to you as a subscriber! You will be one of the first to receive a delivery.

3. you don’t have to reorder every year – the calendar will be sent to your home automatically for five years in a row.

4. like so many other things, the price of the CURVY BERLIN calendar is increased every now and then due to inflation. But not for subscribers – once paid, your subscription will continue for a full five years at the old price.

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