Actually, even the title suggests what it is to go in CURVY BERLIN: Curvy Berliners, who are very natural beauty and not to fit into the stereotype of artificially emaciated hunger Models. The girls who are cast as CURVY BERLIN models were, almost without exception, addressed by photographer Simon Akstinat on the streets of Berlin and have no previous experience with the modeling. The project shows may be natural beauty as varied. The models include an age range of 19-40 years and go to different occupations. Whether educator, doctoral, event manager or singer – CURVY BERLIN presents women next door before and would like to suggest that beauty can also be found beyond size 0 and feminine curves with interesting women are twice as nice.

If you talk with many of the models, it soon becomes clear that they themselves do not perceive as “typical nice”. The looks of the initiator and photographer Simon Akstinat as a result of years of indoctrination by advertising: “Sometime You swallow as a woman, of course, that women only in graving state are desirable when you everywhere told that. For me, my models are not even nice ‘. They are not second choice which is mercifully gotten a little recognition. They are the first choice for me.”